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COVID-Impact Scenarios  for

Thermal Coal

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Even as the global economy pushes through, with many analysts seeing some recovery on the horizon, COVID continues to infect the global mining arena creating a significant strain on both demand and supply.


In this webinar, Afriforesight’s multidisciplinary COVID-19 Scenarios team will give you the insight you need to ride out the current uncertainty towards increasing profits.


We will assess the COVID-19 impact on thermal coal markets; providing our two extreme but distinctly possible “Optimistic” and “Pessimistic” scenarios, and our “Most-Likely” scenario, covering the following key areas:

  • Richards Bay Thermal coal price trends of the next 2 years

  • Supply, with evaluations of the major producers

  • Demand, with analyses of key industries and destinations

Presented by

NM B&W 3.jpg

Nathan Musson

 Chief  Economist 



Vinesh B&W.jpg

Vinesh Chetty

Head of Energy Commodities

Webinar Schedule


Live Presentation

Thursday 16 July,

11h00 SAST

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