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Rhodium: The unsung hero

 of South African PGM mining


Rhodium is seldom discussed, despite its recent rapid price ascent contributing significantly to PGM miners’ revenues (particularly in South Africa).

Rhodium website graph.png

In this webinar, we aim to remedy this by providing a focused analysis of the rhodium market, while also highlighting recent developments.


We will provide a detailed market background, with an analyses of major drivers including car sales and emissions standards, and also present our “best-case”, ”baseline” & “worst-case” scenarios of the next 2 years, covering the following key areas:

  • Commodity price trends

  • Supply, with evaluations of the major producers

  • Demand, with analyses of key industries and destinations

Presented by

Vinesh B&W.jpg

Nathan Musson

 Head of Energy Commodities



Jason B&W suit.jpg

Jason Welz

Head of Precious & related metals 

Webinar Schedule

Live Presentation

Tuesday 5 May,

11h00 – 11h50

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