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A New Future for PGMs


Slow auto-manufacturing & persistent microchip shortages, intensified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, globally high inflation & concerning global growth, continue to impact the PGMs - with demand, supply and prices all expected to remain under pressure in the near future.


But how long will this last? Will these markets recover? And what is the future for global PGMs production?


In this online presentation, Afriforesight’s multidisciplinary team will share valuable insight & foresight on the Global and African PGMs, to help you navigate future risks and identify opportunities in the Southern African PGMs market.


Join us as we cover the following topics:

  • Overview of the global economy

  • Forecasts for Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium prices

  • Analyses of PGMs demand & supply, focusing on

    • The global microchip shortage

    • Global & Southern African projects

    • The hydrogen economy

    • Future resource depletion


The presentation is followed by a live Q&A panel discussion with Afriforesight presenters and key industry experts

Presented by

NM B&W 3.jpg

Nathan Musson

Chief Economist

Pearson B&W suit.jpg

Pearson Mururi

Head: Precious & Related Metals 

Webinar Schedule


Live Presentation

Wednesday, 26 October

11h00 (GMT+2) 

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