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Meet the Team

Afriforesight has a multi-disciplinary research team whose expertise represents all the links in the commodity value chain, from extraction to market.


Our professional competence ranges from engineering, geology, chemistry, processing, to financial accounting and international economics.

Jacques Botha

A dedicated researcher & forecaster, Jacques is esteemed for his wide knowledge of global trends and the world of commodities. An economist by training, he obtained his BCom (Hons) in Economics from the University of Johannesburg, before joining Trust Bank (now ABSA) and then the Bureau for Economic Research (BER).

His innovative approach to forecasting and business makes Jacques a much wanted strategic adviser and he has consequently facilitated and delivered on numerous ad hoc projects for top organisations in South Africa.

Jacques founded Afriforesight in 1996 with the vision of establishing a world class commodity and input costs forecasting institute in Africa.  

His ultimate goal is to leverage Afriforesight's intellectual capital in working towards a better SA economy and make a difference in the development of Africa’s people.

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Nathan Musson
Chief Economist

Nathan holds a BSc in Mathematics and a BCom Hons degree in Economics from UCT, specialising in General Macroeconomic theory. At Afriforesight, Nathan forecasts the outlook for hydrocarbons and particularly the development of gas infrastructure in Africa. He also researches manganese and the following input costs: ammonia, explosives, rubber, tyres, fuel and bitumen. He is an expert in survey data analysis and incorporating the findings into complex mathematical models. Nathan played an active role in building and fine tuning the Mining Phakisa forecasting model.

Brandon cropped_edited.jpg
Brandon Davoren, Ph. D.
Head Materials Engineer &
Innovation Project Manager

Brandon obtained his MSc in Chemistry, from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, which primarily focused on corrosion and tribology properties of friction stir welded titanium. He completed his PhD in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, at the University of the Witwatersrand, with a thesis exploring the additive manufacturing and materials characterization of tungsten carbide alloys. He has numerous publications in accredited journals and has also reviewed for an additive manufacturing journal. Before joining Afriforesight he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Advanced Manufacturing research group at Stellenbosch University. Brandon’s skills are directed at the research of base metals and various other commodities.

Vinesh B&W.jpg
Vinesh Chetty
Head: Energy & Bulk Commodities 

Vinesh holds a BCom (Honours) in Economics from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, specialising in applied microeconomics and financial markets. 

At Afriforesight, his research is primarily on the energy sector, where he collates and analyzes data on energy usage, policies and standards at various points throughout the supply chain. This includes in-depth study on the supply and demand dynamics of the markets for coal, oil, natural gas, uranium and renewables. Vinesh also focuses on the analysis of bulk commodities as well as the  global transport and shipping markets.

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Sebastian Naidoo
Business Development Executive

Sebastian holds Bcom and Bcom Honours Economics degrees from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He has several years experience in the import/export and wholesale trade, working primarily with the textiles and semi-durable goods sectors, where he's had the opportunity to travel extensively overseas.  Since then, he has joined Afriforesight as a Strategy Economist, specializing in business model analysis and advising clients on economic and market developments.

Pearson B&W suit.jpg
Pearson Mururi
Head: Precious & Related Metals

Pearson holds a BSc with Honours in Chemistry from the University of Witwatersrand. During his Honours year, he conducted two material science projects with potential application in hybrid cars.
At Afriforesight, he applies his in depth understanding of the chemistry behind mining processes and the industrial application of mined commodities to his research on fuel cells and green methods of producing hydrogen gas focusing on gasification of fossil fuels and biomass. Pearson also mentors our trainee chemical engineers & chemists.

TC bw.jpg
Tapiwa Chimbganda
Head: Processing & Sustainability

Tapiwa has a BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering, both from the University of Cape Town. Before joining Afriforesight as a commodity and materials researcher, she worked for the Centre for Minerals Research, focusing her research on optimising metal recovery in nickel processing and acid mine drainage mitigation. Tapiwa’s skills are directed at research on PGM markets and on chemicals used in mineral processing, manufacturing and industry. Tapiwa is also undertaking research towards a PhD on beneficiation opportunities and sustainability in the PGM industry.

Isabel de Wet
General Manager

Isabel holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Social Anthropology from UCT.  She has more than 15 years experience in exceeding client expectations working as a project manager for one for the top restaurant franchises in South Africa. At Afriforesight, Isabel is responsible for coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating staff, and improving administration processes.  Equipped with strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities, she oversees all executive relationships as well as Afriforesight's research projects from ideation to execution.

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Zama Nkabinde
Client Economic Development Manager

Zama holds a BCom Law degree from Stellenbosch University and majored in Economics.  Her key focus at Afriforesight is to ensure that clients always receive top quality service and are connected with the best specialists on the team to efficiently provide them with strategic market insight on a daily basis. 

While providing support with regards to general research and service enhancements, she is also perfectly positioned to assist with business development while she is in the process of completing her studies towards an honors in Economics.  

Joshua Rorke
Environmental & Commodities Economist

Joshua holds a BA in Politics & Economics and an MA in Political and International Studies from Rhodes University as well as a PGDip in Environmental Management from Stellenbosch University. His thesis was on integrating environmental sustainability at Rhodes University. At Afriforesight he is part of the research team with a special focus on commodities with a strong sustainability emphasis.

Picture KR_edited_edited.jpg
Kirthi Ramdhanee
Junior Chemicals Researcher

Kirthi holds a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

At Afriforesight, she applies her knowledge of chemical processes to her research on  battery metals such as nickel and lithium, and on chemicals used in the mineral processing and manufacturing industry, as well as new energy vehicles.  

Dina Pic_edited.jpg
Dina Alleluya
Research Consultant

Dina holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Statistical Sciences from the University of Cape Town. At Afriforesight, she mainly focuses on general commodity research and support as well as data management. She is also responsible for keeping the rest of the team up to date on the latest news on Covid statistics and how it can potentially impact our forecasts. 

Keenan Bantom
Technical Research Executive

Keenan holds a BSc degree in Geology and Botany with Honours in Botany from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. His Honours projects included research into Phytomining and Phytoremediation and their industrial applications. At Afriforesight he conducts research on global supply and demand for mined commodities, such as bauxite, and industrial costs, like forklifts.

CK 2018 B&W edited_edited.jpg
Charles Kieck
Political Economist

Charles has recently completed his Masters degree in Economics at UCT, for which he presented a paper investigating the impact of asteroid mining on long-term platinum supply. In addition to serving as Afriforesight’s political economist, he has a special interest in the US political game. His unique training as both a Chartered Accountant and an economist allows him to understand commodity industries through the analysis of company financial performance from a macro-economic context. He was the technical designer of the Mining Phakisa forecasting model.

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