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Our Services

Personal interaction is an integral part of our services:

1. Personal Interaction

Regular Consultations

Clients stay in contact with our analysts and economists to discuss the data and forecasts of the commodities and costs we cover in your service.

In the reports, the email of the author of each section is indicated to ensure that you can easily communicate with the appropriate specialist.

All this is like having an analyst on your team at a fraction of the usual cost.

Commodity Conferences & Brief Online Seminars

You will receive exclusive invitations to attend our annual one day Commodity Conference in Gauteng

Depending on the service that you subscribe to, you may send up to 4 people free of charge to our conference. Any additional attendees will be eligible for a 50% discount on the standard rate, to only cover their catering cost for the day.

We also invite you to join web based seminars we host from time to time. The salient points impacting on the future profitability of projects and scenario forecasts are periodically covered.

2. Regular Reports

Regular Reports

The reports will be distributed directly via email to your 10 selected users.



We alert you periodically to any urgent significant matters in the economy or industry that could impact on your business.  These reports will generally not be longer than one page, and more often shorter. 


Monday Morning Commodity Update

This early morning one pager updates you on the global and commodities scene by giving you:

  • A snapshot of the state of the global economy and markets over the past week, extended to that Monday in Asia

  • Latest trends and prices of mined and extracted commodities

  • Recent developments affecting the mining industry. Information could be on specific commodities, projects, or companies.

Procurement Costs Weekly

A Monday afternoon update on the preceding week’s key developments related to project input costs and major suppliers. We provide you with:

  • A brief overview of the state of SA industry along with a graph of key price movements, such as the rand/dollar exchange rate and oil price, over the preceding week.

  • Update on various materials & project cost price developments


Rolling Commodity Update

Provides industry information & analysis on major mined
and extracted commodity industries. The report gives:

  • A detailed 15-Month price & volume forecast for all major commodities

  • A round-up of important developments related to major players and projects per commodity sector

  • Updated several times per month when there are significant development in the market

Costs Forecast

Provides actionable information on the markets for your major project cost items. The report covers:

  • A detailed 15-month price forecast on the major project costs for your industry

  • Recent developments related to major international and local suppliers



Commodity Industries 5 Year Forecast


These forecasts give you insights on the global state and future of major mined & extracted commodities, to help you anticipate demand and prices over the next 5 years.

The report gives:

  • A detailed annual price forecast for major commodities over the next 5 years

  • An analysis of key supply and demand drivers to support medium term strategic planning

Project Costs 5 Year Forecast

The information in our cost forecasts are designed to support you in budgeting, tenders, and negotiating favourable supply contracts. Forecasts are explained in terms of expected developments related to demand, supply and input cost factors that should influence the price. The report gives:

  • A detailed annual price forecast for major input cost items over the next 5 years

  • A brief overview of the important supply


Sub-Saharan Africa Commodity Project Tables/ Database

We publish a detailed database of the key commodity projects in Sub-Saharan Africa at various stages of the mining value chain. We include the latest developments and updates on these projects such as:

  • ownership breakdown,

  • historic and future production forecasts

  • ultimate capacity

  • expansion plans,

  • infrastructure

Brown Africa - Copy.jpg
Sub-Saharan Africa Commodity
Project Database

3. Specialised Services

Specialised Services

5-Year Commodity Market Analysis

A focused and interactive discussion with your top executives at your venue of choice. We provide an in depth 3 hour market analysis of the needs in the mining and construction industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We will endeavour to prioritize the commodities and projects for your top 10 countries, and provide suggestions on potential growth areas to target.

15-Year Feasibility Analysis

A focused and interactive discussion with your top executives at your venue of choice. This in-depth 3 hour session is designed to support your feasibility studies of new and existing projects, analysing potential investments and identifying long-term growth areas.

We will give three 15 year scenario forecasts (most likely, optimistic & pessimistic) of major revenue and cost items with growth projections by year.


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