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Scenario Forecasts for PGMs

(Palladium, Platinum, & Rhodium)


Even as covid continues to infect all mining sectors, there is still light at the end of the tunnel with many markets eager to re-open.  In this webinar, Afriforesight’s multi-disciplinary team will give you insight into the covid & post-covid PGMs markets.

We will provide comprehensive background and analyses of the major drivers of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, including the automotive industry and investment. We will also provide insights on the medium-term market outlook.

  • Catalytic converters 101

  • Supply outlook, with analyses of major global producers

  • Demand outlook,

    • COVID, Automotive sales, Emissions standards & Auto-catalyst demand

    • Jewellery & Investment

  • PGMs price forecasts

Presented by

NM B&W 3.jpg

Nathan Musson

 Chief Commodity Economist 



Jason B&W suit.jpg

Jason Welz

Head of Precious & related metals 



Tapiwa Chimbganda

Scenarios Team Leader & Chemicals Analyst

Webinar Schedule

Live Presentation

Wednesday  17 June

Afternoon Session

16h30 GMT/ 18h30 SAST

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