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We help the mining and projects industry plan for the future

Scenario Planning for COVID-19 and 

its impact on Southern Africa's

Core Commodities

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"Scenario planning is not a tool for making predictions. The future remains as unpredictable as ever. Rather, it is a tool for better decision making. The measure of good scenario planning is whether we made a better decision as a result of having considered the possible scenarios."  


In light of the COVID-19 infection rapidly wreaking havoc on both public health & the global economy, Afriforesight  is offering a series of highly informative web presentations.

We will be exploring various future scenarios & their impact on each of SA’s core commodities, where we will assess:

  • Commodity prices, with forecasts of the next 18-months

  • Global and local supply, with forecasts and analyses of the major producers

  • Global demand, with forecasts and analyses of the major demand drivers



Click below for webinar dates & times. 


We are limited to only 100 attendees per session.  RSVP now to reserve your place.



Economic Forecasts

We forecast the global growth outlook and overview of each major commodity using sector. 


We consider key economic drivers, inflation, interest rates, and exchange rates, covering all major regions.

Commodity Forecasts

We forecast prices, industry profit margins, and industry volumes for all important mined & extracted commodities. 

We have niche skills in commodities that are not usually forecasted such as manganese, chrome, ferrochrome, palladium and rhodium

Cost Forecasts

We forecast prices, industry profit margins & production volumes for the major industrial and project input costs. ​In a global market ruled by fierce competition & tighter margins, our cost forecasts can play a significant role in helping expand the bottom line. 


Our research and forecasts are available on a subscription basis and are delivered through the following channels

Personalised interaction

Clients enjoy regular contact with our specialists, and get special deals to attend our annual events.


Our weekly, monthly and quarterly forecast reports will be distributed directly via email to your 10 selected users.

Specialised services

senior analyst will have a focused and interactive discussion with you when needed.





About Us

Afriforesight is the largest independent commodity research house in Africa.  We have a
specific focus on mining and industrial cost forecasting, in addition to commodity price
forecasts. We are a Level 4 B-BBEE firm.
Our unique research methodology requires us to perform in-depth analyses on the full commodity value chain, while providing detailed examinations at the global, national, & company level with regards to supply & demand, as well as other important factors such as seasonality, global inventory levels, and the socio-political climate.
We are committed to delivering reliable and actionable information to our clients.  


Afriforesight has a multi-disciplinary research team whose expertise represents all the links in the commodity value chain, from extraction to market.


Our professional competence ranges from engineering, geology, chemistry, processing, to financial accounting and international economics. 

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